Good Bonez

Western Carolina's Story Rock Trio

good bonez is...

Bridget Gossett:  Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar

Tyler Kemmerling:  Guitars, Vocals, Songwriter

Todd K:  Drums, Vocals

Three talented and professional musicians who put on a high-energy live show that blends Good Bonez music and recognizable, Bonez-spiced covers. Built upon a Rock 'n Roll base, the Good Bonez sound blends equal measures of country, grunge and folk, at times flavored with hints of funk or punk. The show is designed to take the audience on a musical journey that encompasses many of the highs and lows that are the human experience. 

Press Photos

Bridget Gossett

Bridget Gossett

Tyler Kemmerling

Tyler Kemmerling

Todd K

Todd K

Good Bonez? Great Bonez!”

— Carmen - General Manager at Firefly Taps & Grill

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