Bridget Gossett

Singer, Songwriter, Guitar

Bridget has been writing songs since she was 8 years old.  Learning at an early age that music has the power to heal, connect and empower, she soon fell in love with the art form and has been writing and making music ever since.  Her heartfelt lyrics and dynamic vocals engage the audience in a musical journey that explores the challenges and joys that we all face in life.

Found in the woods at age 7, Tyler picked up his first electric guitar at age 11 and started to teach himself how to play.  By 16 he'd taught himself to play bass, and about the same time he started writing and recording his own music.  By 20 he'd written and recorded two rock albums and a rap album.  He graduated with a degree in audio engineering from Columbia College in Chicago and has worked as an engineer and producer at professional recording studios in Chicago and Nashville.

Tyler Kemmerling

Guitar, Songwriter, Vocals

Todd K

Drums & Percussion

A trumpet player in grade school and high school, Todd took up the drums at age 26 to blow off steam from his busy schedule as the owner and head coach of a USA Swimming club team.  Todd moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina in 2017 along with his wife, and ever since he's been focused on music and improving as a professional drummer.  He loves to perform live, and has one goal... "that the audience has a fun night out."  

Cedarwood Sound Recording Studio